Download StaffCounter for Linux


For Ubuntu 18-20 and Mint 20

License: Freeware, Open Source

Beta - version 2.0.2 with encryption

All versions of the StaffCounter application for Linux :

Version 1.1.70: Improved Cyrillic text recording;

Version 1.1.69: Added Cyrillic text recording;

Version 1.1.68: Foxed the issue of minimal idle time;

Version 1.1.65: Added troubleshooting log sending to the server if the program is suddenly turned off; Added re-connection algorithm on log out/log in, in case if the virtual device on the server disappeared;

Version 1.1.62: Improved time calculating;

Version 1.1.61: Added silent installation for all users;

Version 1.1.59: first supported 20;

Version 1.1.56: recommended for Ubuntu16;

Version 1.1.54: recommended for Mint 18;

Version 1.1.51

Version 1.1.48