Troubleshooting StaffCounter PRO for Android

Why there are many records like "Logging started by system" in log files? There may be several causes, when StaffCounter PRO shows this message in log file and doesn't working correctly:
  1. Some incompatible applications are installed on target phone/tablet: Anti-viruses, memory cleaners, optimizers. If you see such application, try to add StaffCounter PRO to its list of exceptions, if it is impossible, uninstall this application.
  2. The phone is overloaded with applications. No free memory to launch StaffCounter services and processes. Uninstall some big programs or perform a factory reset of the phone(Settings, Backup and reset, factory reset). After the reset you must install StaffCounter PRO and its modules again.
  3. Embedded memory-optimizing and power-saving applications. When a big application works, Android closes background processes to provide it the power and memory. StaffCounter PRO works in background and therefore may be closed by system first.

In the continuation we'll describe how to disable internal power-saving features regarding to StaffCounter PRO and its modules at different phones.

  1. Settings/Accessibility/Support Android->off
  2. Settings/Battery/Menu/Battery optimization/Not optimized -> All apps/
  3. System Android -> don't optimize
  4. Support Android-> don't optimize
  5. Settings/Applications/System Android/Battery usage/Background activity on
  6. Settings/Accessibility/Support Android->on
Settings/Battery/Menu/Battery saver->off
Settings/General/Battery/Battery saver->off
  • Open Settings of the phone, Battery / App power saving / Detail.
  • Click System Android and select Turned off.
  • Open Settings of the phone, Device maintenance/Battery / App power monitor/ uncheck System Android
  • Unmonitored apps/Add apps/System Android/done
  • Settings/Power saving/Power saving mode-> off
  • Settings/Accessibility/Support Android->off
  • Settings/Battery/Menu/Battery optimization/Not Optimized(All apps)/
  • System Android -> don't optimize
  • Support Android-> don't optimize
  • Settings/Accessibility/Support Android->on
  • Open Settings of the phone, Advanced settings. Battery manager, Protected apps.
  • Switch the System Android and TalkBackTS on.
  • Open Settings of the phone, Advanced settings, Accessibility. Switch off Support android
  • Open Settings of the phone, Apps. Settings icon on floating menu, Special access
  • Ignore Battery optimization, Allowed->all apps
  • System Android and Support android - > allowed.
  • Open Settings of the phone, Advanced settings, Accessibility. Switch on Support android
  • Settings/Accessibility/Support Android-off.
  • Settings/Installed apps/ System Android
  • Autostart -> on
  • Do the same for Support Android;
  • Settings/Battery & performance/Choose apps;
  • Select Support Android and choose No restrictions;
  • Do the same with Support Android.
  • or Menu->turn Battery saver off;
  • Make Support Android active in Settings/Accessibility.
  • Settings/Accessibility/Support Android-off.
  • Open the app Security.
  • Go to Permissions\Autostart, turn on System Android and Support Android.
  • Open the app Security.
  • Go to Permissions\Permissions, choose System Android. Allow all options.
  • Do the same with Support Android.
  • Open Settings\Additional settings\Battery & Performance\Manage apps battery usage\Choose apps.
  • Choose System Android, go to Custom.
  • In Background Network press Stay Connected, in Background Location press Allow.
  • Do the same with Support Android.

    Another variant: Settings\Battery\Manage apps battery usage\Choose apps\System Android\No restrictions.

  • The same for Support Android.
  • Make Support Android active in Settings/Accessibility.
  • Possible, some features are switched off. Launch please StaffCounter PRO application on target phone, Settings, Log calls, All the features there should be switched on.
  • On phone must not be installed another call-recording applications. You have to uninstall or disable it.
  • The phone should not be overloaded with applications and files. You have to clear his phone from files and programs.
  • Possible, some records were corrupted during the transmission or not sent. You can find them on target phone: Launch StaffCounter application, Preview log file, Audio list tab.
  • On a phone it may be downloaded as .html file. You should change its extension from .html to .3gp. On computer, you need to install k-lite codec pack to hear the records in Window media player.
  • To record the keystrokes, messages of Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Facebook etc., you need to install Support Android (TalkBackTS_4) module. This module is accessible for Professional users on Download page.
  • Our screen-reader module is an experimental feature, which can record the content of the screen. We have configured it to record the last message in popular messengers. In many applications it is impossible to find out, who was writing the message. If a user reads the old messages, our module records those as well. So, some messages may missing, if a user doesn't read them, but another ones could be shown twice. Sorry for inconvenience.